RUPHA Drug Agency Limited (RDA)

The RUPHA Drug Agency (RDA) is a Group Purchasing Organization limited liability company majority owned by healthcare providers within the Rural Private Hospitals Association of Kenya (RUPHA) Network.

The RUPHA Drug Agency (RDA)

About RUPHA Drug Agency

Empowering Healthcare Procurement, One Purchase at a Time”

Mission: To provide our network members with access to a wide range of high-quality medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare-related products at discounted prices by leveraging our collective purchasing power to negotiate favourable contracts with suppliers.

Vision :To become the premier group purchasing organization in the healthcare industry, delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled value to our members

What are the benefits of investing in RDA Agency for RUPHA members? healthcare Group Purchasing Organization

 Benefits of investing in RDA for RUPHA members?

By investing in RDA, RUPHA members become shareholders of Kenya’s newest healthcare Group Purchasing Organization, established by RUPHA. RUPHA boasts a membership of over 350 healthcare facilities across 43 out of 47 counties in Kenya. Members collectively purchase health products and technologies (HPTs) worth Kshs. 2 billion annually as of 2023. With the potential to reach a membership of 1,500 health facilities and a HPT expenditure of approximately Kshs. 9.8 billion per year, RDA shareholders will enjoy discounts on HPTs, market insights, training, and the opportunity to earn dividends when declared by the company

How to join us


Step 01

Reach out to us through 0794673821 or email:


Step 02

Indicating the amount you would like to invest in RDA.


Step 03

Become a shareholder after investing in the opportunity and enjoy immense benefits

What are the benefits of being a shareholder in RDA?

RUPHA members who purchase shares in RDA will be awarded “Full Membership” status, granting them full access to RDA’s portfolio of contracts and negotiated pricing. Additionally, full members will be eligible for dividend payouts when declared by RDA.

Become a member

How can I participate in the investment opportunity?

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